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Business Contact Database Services
Contact Store

Avoid the risk of complexity and amount of time involved in In-house research. We take away the routine function of database management so that you can focus on your core marketing activities, in addition to that you can take advantage of our skills and experience across various verticals in the market.

We provide our information in the most comprehensive format available in the market today.

Contact Intelli Plus

Telemarketing sales people across the world understand the importance of breaking the ice and building a rapport with the client. It is usually during the first few minutes of the call a sales person can tell whether he is going to realize a sale or not. The first few minutes are important as the salesperson has the opportunity to take the call to the desired platform to discuss his sales objectives.

We empower your sales team by providing them continuous flow of information on the decision makers. Unlike the list brokers and other database companies in the market we manually gather intelligence on the decision makers. We provide information related to their educational background and past corporate experiences. In addition to that we also track articles & interviews published on the top level executives of millions of companies across U.S, Canada and Europe. This enables the salesperson to build a rapport and have a healthy business relationship as he is well educated on his target contacts.

Data Updation

More than 1/3rd of your database will be stale after a year and more so during these turbulent market conditions where businesses are closed, acquired or merged and the executives are either replaced or transferred to another department. Why waste thousands of dollars on acquiring new databases when you have an option of updating the existing one�s with minimum cost with our DB Updation service.

Data Append

As the smaller businesses continue to grow and new entrants come into the market you need to be up to date so that you do not loose out on an opportunity to make a sale. We monitor the market for such new entrants and also small and medium sized companies. When you purchase BarcaTech�s Contact Intelligence database, we will provide you the Data Append service free of cost for the first 6 months. If you are using a existing Database from another vendor we can add new fields relevant to the salesperson job function using Data Append.

Data Cleansing

It eradicates several problems companies face with their databases like mail delivery failures due to wrong email and physical addresses. Some of which may happen as business move their office and this also leads to telephone numbers being disconnected or they may be no longer in service.

BarcaTech has an innovative way of doing data cleansing in semi automated way involving both manual and automated approach. we have efficient software tools which does customized cleansing with 100% accuracy. Our cleansing services include:

  • Data Inspection
  • Data Correction
  • Integration
  • Augmentation
  • Data Audit