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Event Promotion and Registration services

Started last year Barcatech has already completed several successful event registration campaigns for various event organisers along with some of the top European Universities for their executive and non-executive courses. We use the best in practice SEO and social media techniques to design the best tailor-made solution for your company which drives the marketing campaign to promote your next event. With the current technology the event promotion methods have changed and one must stay ahead of the curve to leverage the benefits of social media and search engine optimization techniques used today by the Pros. The techniques used by Barcatech to ensure your event is a sold-out success are:

  • Tailor-made social media campaigns to advertise and market the event with the desired audience.
  • SEO and PR campaigns for visibility, online publicity and to increase the traffic to your event web-page for online registrations.
  • Traditional pay-per-registration telephone and email based programs for a guaranteed success.
  • Follow-up with interested probable attendees until their confirmation.
  • If you do not have a list of business contacts you wish to target for your event, Barcatech will build one for you using our business contact database services.

Clearly in the current day and age it is not sufficient to only have a dedicated website to promote your event unless you can attract web traffic towards it. Likewise, the traditional methods for event promotion and registration would prove redundant unless coupled with the new social media publicity techniques. Contact Barcatech today to learn more about our unique event registration and event promotion services.

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