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Sales Acceleration


Big or small, every company has an uphill task of hitting its sales targets and then repeating the results month after month. Some sales quarters are better than the others and there is always a chance of a hit and a miss. Companies look outside for a helping hand in their requirements pertaining to Information technology, Supply chain & Logistics, Accounting and auditing, Customer care among other activities. Simply due to the belief that leaving it to the experts is always better than doing it yourself. Instead focus on what you do best! Somehow Sales remained an integral part and wasn't exposed to outsourcing as much as the other business functions. Only until the last few years where organizations have not only hired outside sales experts for lead generation but also for closure of business deals. This is beneficial since you do not have to hire more sales people to meet or exceed the sales targets. Instead of increasing the headcounts and the cost of sales organizations can now benefit from BarcaTech's lead generation and Business Development outsourcing programs.

Lead Generation

With our roots deep into marketing, we will provide the best leads for your business. Our growing team of qualified sales executives come from the best educational backgrounds and undergo vigorous telesales & telemarketing training. Regardless of the Industry or product, we will show you visible increase in sales. Please call our office and ask about the Full Time Engagement (FTE) model. Under this model we will give you a dedicated resource who will report to your sales manager on a daily or weekly basis. After a brief training our FTE will act just like your real time employee but will cost only half as much. Lead generation/Appointment setting program can reap you following benefits:

  • You can Increase your sales without increasing headcounts.
  • Qualified leads will decrease the growing target pressure on your in-house sales team, hence reducing attrition
  • Appointment setting will greatly assist your field executives as it will reduce the waiting time and conveyance expenses incurred during unsuccessful client meetings.
  • Appointment setting will also help your in-house sales team in focusing on ‘interested’ clients rather than wasting time and energy in cold calling. You can leave the cold calling to us and instead your sales team can focus on closure of business deals, hence greatly reducing the sales cycle.

Business Development Outsourcing

We recommend our Business Development outsourcing program after a satisfactory lead generation program, simply because after a period of time our inside sales executives become familiar with the clients product and services and also their prospective customers. They get the time they need to feel the pulse of the client's line of business and finally can graduate to a level where they feel comfortable to close the deal. Under this program our business development executive will perform following functions:

  • Identification of prime prospects
  • Prepare marketing collateral
  • Respond to RFP's
  • Business contract negotiations
  • Responsible for smooth client transition
  • Cross selling and rapport building

Target Account Profiling

Most of the incoming inquiries our clients get are from companies which were not even listed in their CRM. While deciding upon the target market they either overlooked these potential clients or they were simply outside of their research radar. No organization can afford to loose out on such business opportunities. Research, in its nature, is an on-going process and we study your target market with great granularity. Using various telephonic and research tools we will provide you with:

  • Clients that best fit your product and services
  • Intelligence related to their buying patterns
  • List of their current vendors
  • Financials and recent news
  • Point of contact best suitable to address your proposal

eBlasts and Email Broadcasting

Give a new life to your email campaigns and get a higher response rate. There is a big chance that the mass emailing software that you are using is not sending the emails beyond your target client's spam folder. Sending thousands of emails manually can be tedious and costly affair. This is where we can help your company to achieve maximum penetration and build a name for your product and services. If you do not have a contact list of your own, we will build one for you. Using Barcatech's business contact database with 100% working emails, you can now launch successful email campaigns and monitor the hit ratio.




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barcatech sales acceleration