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Why should I use Upvise?

In today's fast moving world, being able to access information anywhere at the right time is vital.

With Upvise you can access all your company data instantly on your mobile. Completing a sale for example often requires access to key information. Upvise will help you get the data on time, you won't need to wait until you're back at the office to get the crucial piece of info. Upvise can also help you improve your customer relationship, by keeping important customer-related info always at hand. Wouldn't it be nice if you could check the latest open issues on this very important project in your client's meeting room?

Upvise is useful for your sales people, for your technical staff, for administrative tasks, and for just anyone in your company who needs to access and share information.

Share information company wide

Upvise is collaborative by design. Any data that you enter in Upvise is instantly shared with your co-workers.

Enter a new contact via the web iterface, and it becomes available to all your co-workers on their mobile phone and web account. If your colleague met a new client this morning, and posted the company profile to Upvise from his phone after the meeting, you could get the phone number of this new customer while on your way to the airport a few hours later.

The primary benefit of collaboration at the end of the day is that it improves overall awareness: employees have a better and more targeted information base from which to make decisions in all situations.

Will I waste my time trying to make the technology work?

No, because Mobile access has just become simpler with Upvise.

Upvise is a turnkey software solution. You don't have to install or manage any server, as everything is hosted on Upvise servers. The Upvise client software that you install on your phone has a very simple and intuitive user interface, which you will learn to use within minutes. You do not need dedicated IT staff to set up the service and keep it going. This is what makes Upvise different from existing solutions, from e.g. Microsoft, SAP or Oracle, which involve high IT costs

How much does it cost?

Upvise brings you on-demand mobility. You can buy only what you need, when you need it. There is no upfront investment. Let's look briefly into the business case:

  • Hardware: everyone has a phone nowadays, so it's likely that you don't need to buy any hardware. You may already be using a Blackberry or Windows Mobile device. If you're not, Upvise also works on all the basic Java phones. So you won't need to invest in expensive smartphones or sign up for a Blackberry service for everyone in your team.
  • Data plan: it's possible that you already have one for accessing your email. If not, unlimited data plans are available for around $40 to $60/month.
  • Upvise software: the licence for a premium account costs $49 per user/year, i.e. $4/month/user.
If you already have a compatible phone and a data plan, the additional cost of Upvise is $4/month/user.

Will Upvise fit my company's specific needs?

Upvise applications are simple enough to be generic and should fit most companies' needs. If you do have special requirements, you can customize existing apps or create your own mobile apps. It's easy to tweak the Upvise contact detail form to add your own fields or remove unwanted ones.

Upvise is an open mobile platform which enables developers to build their own apps using a simple XML-based declarative programming language. Learn more.
If you don't know how to develop, or don't want to write code, you can also contact us with your requirements, we'll be more than happy to help you tailor Upvise to your needs.

Who uses Upvise?

Upvise products are mainly built with the requirements of small businesses and individuals in mind. We target the "Fortune 5,000,000" companies. However companies of all sizes use Upvise every day, from 1-person to teams of 3-5 people to companies of 5000. After all, a small team in a big company is like being part of a small company. And everyone loves simple tools that help get the job done and then get out of your way.

Reliable Customer Service

Customers depend on Upvise to provide reliable, useful products and exceptional customer service. Upvise does its best to meet and exceed their high standards

Upvise for Small Business

Upvise mobilizes your company data. It enables you and your team to access, share and update your vital company information anytime anywhere on any mobile phone.


Keep track of who your business talks to, what was said, and what to do next. Assign contact-related tasks to yourself or co-workers.


Follow and track Leads & Opportunities. Manage your Product catalog and create Quotes for your customers


Get things done quickly. Manage all your company tasks in one single view, including project and contact-related tasks. Assign tasks to co-workers.


Collaborate with your team and clients. Tasks, milestones, issues and more.


Organize, store, and share your company knowledge and data.


Gather feedback and manage the ideas you get from your customers, partners, and employees.

Upvise on Your Mobile

Works on any Mobile and any Network

Upvise works for hundreds of millions of phones running Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile! It also works on any wireless network : GSM, GPRS, 3G, CDMA, or Wifi. With an Internet-enabled mobile and a data plan from your favorite carrier, you can be up and running in a few minutes.

Offline Mode

Being out of network coverage happens more often than we would like it to. With Offline mode in Upvise, you can continue to access your downloaded data and post new items, even where there's no wireless connection. The new data will be automatically uploaded to your web account when you are back in Online mode

Ultra Simple and Efficent User Interface

Mobile phone screens are small compared to desktops and the interaction is generally limited to a few buttons. Upvise has designed a simple and intuitive user interface based on lists and one-button clicks, which makes your navigation experience a breeze, compared to many mobile web browsers.

Fast and Reliable

Upvise uses efficient data downloading strategies like compression, smart cache and and delta sync. It makes Upvise not only ultra fast and efficent even on relatively slow phone networks, but also saves money on your data plan phone bill.

Security and Encryption

On your mobile, you have the option to encrypt network transmissions, to encrypt data stored locally in the phone memory, and to set a password on application startup. With the Account wipeout functionality, when a user account is disabled by the administrator, the account data and cache gets automatically cleared on the user's phone. This can come in useful in the event that a phone gets stolen, and you want to prevent sensitive company data from being accessed.

Import/Export Contacts

You can import contact data from the phone's native address book into the Upvise Contacts app. You can also export Upvise Contacts back to your phone. This can be useful when you change phones, as you can easily download the contacts stored in your Upvise account to your new phone.

Upvise on your Computer

Nothing to install

It's elegant, easy, and web-based. You don't need to download, install, or configure anything (no IT department required!). All you need is a web browser (IE 6/7, Firefox 2 and above, Safari 3 and above or Google Chrome), a Mac or PC, and an internet connection.

Easy to use, fast User Interface

Upvise applications are designed using an AJAX Web 2.0 user interface. This makes the navigation between screens smoother, as whole pages do not have to reload completely. The layout is also simpler while providing maximum functionality.

Easy sharing & User Management

Administrator users can easily add new users to the Company account with an on-line interface. Data will automatically be shared amongst all company users.

Safe, private, secure

Your Upvise account is password protected and safe from prying eyes. Premium accounts also include SSL security (the same as online banks).

Data Management Functions: Backup/Restore, Import/Export

You can perform a full backup of all the data in your business account, and also configure automatic daily or weekly backups. The last five most recent backups are stored in your account, and you can download them at any time for archiving purposes. You can import data from other applications into Upvise, and also export your Upvise data as a CSV formatted file. On your mobile, you can also import/export contacts from the phone's address book.

Skype and Google Maps integration

Call in one click your contacts via Skype and locate their address easily using with Google Maps.

Upvise Pricing and Licensing

Signing up for an Upvise account is free and gives you access to catalog of free Upvise applications.
Some Upvise applications require a Premium Access license, which also gives access to additional Security options and Backup & Restore functions.

Free account

Premium Access

LicenseFreeUS$49 / year / user
FREE 30-day trial
RSS News Reader
Shopping Lists
Debts and Credits
Work Orders
Import/Export Data
Data Storage Space100MB1GB
Security & data protection
Backup & Restore of data
24h Online Customer Support

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